Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013

Go to a Wedding

On 20.07.13 we go to wedding from a workmate of my boyfriend.

First all guest met on "St. Johannes Church", a little evangelic church from 14 century in Bremen/ germany. At 16 clock the wedding ceremony begins. The pastor gave a wedding-speech and blessed the wedding-couple.

I love Minipi

Lorisian 100

My boyfried an I buy a "food Intolerance test" from "Lorisian" in an online pharmacy. We got our package Lorisian 100 for a self test very fast. We must prick our finger and get some blood on a test stripe. We put the stripe in a tube and send this with some Information back to lorisians labor. Now we wait for the results. In the labor they analyzes your IgG-antibody responses to 100 food proteins.
 We will see...

Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

My bear-hoodies

I buy two bear-hoodies (on vipdress.de). One in brow an one in beige. I really love them, they so soft and cute, I like to wear it.

Do you know GUMP?

"Gump" is a toy / stuffed animal monster from "Schmidt Spiele Germany".
He ist a Part of "Sorgenfresser"-series (trouble-eater) and help you with your trouble and fears. You can put a little note in his mouth and close the zipper, so he can try to digest your problems.

For me ist GUMP the cutest one oft the "Sorgenfresser"guys, i really love him. He sitting on my workdesk behind my phone, so he help me with my work-stress.

Try english again ...

English is the window to the world, so I try to post in english again. I think german ist to difficult to many people an it's easier if my readers do not need to translate my posts.
It´s also a good traning for me, because my englich is almost rusty.
In doubt the Google translator will help me I think.

So lets start with my english posts

Clayton, I love you

Am 12.06.2013 mussten wir leider unseren kleinen Clayton einschläfern lassen. Er hatte innerhalb von 2 Monaten 2 Schlaganfälle. Nach dem ersten hat er noch gekämft, wollte sich bewegen, fressen und hat es geschafft seine anfänglichen motorischen Probleme zu überwinden. Nach dem zweiten war er Querschnittgelähmt und konnte sich nicht mehr erholen, ich pflegte ihn noch wenige Tage und half Ihm so gut es ging aber er konnte nicht mehr. 
Radon und ich vermissen dich sehr, Clayton wir lieben dich.