Sonntag, 27. April 2014

Visit Hamburg

On 26 and 27.04 we went to Hamburg.

On the first day we took a bus tour  (habor cruise) with JASPER  
The tour was worth it.

 We stayed overnight at the Heikotel Hotel Wiki  
The hotel was good.

On the second day we went to the horse fair Hanse-Pferd
The fair was ok. Once is enough.
 Am 26. und 27.04 fuhren wir nach Hamburg.

Am ersten Tag machten wir eine Hafen-Bustour mit JASPER
Die Tour hat sich gelohnt.

Übernachtet haben wir im Heikotel Hotel Wiki
Das Hotel war gut.

Am zweiten Tag sind wir dann noch auf die Pferdemesse Hanse-Pferd
Die Messe war ok. Einmal reicht.

Montag, 7. April 2014

bake as Martha Stewart and my birthdaycake

My boyfriend bought 2 Bakingbooks from Martha Stewart
A Cupcake and a Cake-Book.

The books are worthwhile and contain many great recipes, but the conversion of the English units and the English instructions are not so simple for germans, respectively for me.

We made Lemon buttermilk cupcakes with vanilla chream cheese frosting and espresso cupcakes with 7 minutes frosting. Her the espresso cupcakes *yummy*

For my birthdaymeal at work I bake an orange-yogurt-cake with 7 minutes frosting and hello kitty decoration and moreover little oreo-cheescakes *yummy*

Bob & James Bowen (2)

Ich habe auf meinem e-book-reader das zweite Buch vom Bob & James Bowen gekauft.
Bob und wie er die Welt sieht.
Das Buch ist eine tolle Fortsetzung und Ergänzung des ersten Teils.

I bought on my ebook reader the second book from Bob & James Bowen. The book is a great continuation and extension of the first part.  

Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

2nd chance for YumYum

In March YumYum was very ill and would neither eat nor drink.
We took her to the vet for examination and it did not look good.
She had lost weight (700 grams) from 6,3 kilogram to 5,5. On the x-ray photograph we see a large tumor in the abdominal space and osteoarthritis of the spine. 
I agreement with the vet we still wanted to venture a rescueattempt.

YumYum get an infusion with liquid and a vitaminsyringe.
We get medicine, additive food and i bought babyfood for her too
Over 3 days I tried my best that yumyum eats independent again.
I gave her the medicine in mouth and tried to feed her mush or babyfood with a spoon.
The trouble was worth it. Yumyum feel a lot better now.

Of course she has cancer and other health problems, but long as she is doing well I am thankful.
I love you YumYum.